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USNR introduces cutting-edge primary log profiler

October 24, 2023  By USNR

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Due to USNR’s new log profiler’s innovative technological and design advancements, it instantly resolves bottlenecks at the edger in high-volume mills while capturing equal recovery.

The horizontal arbor profiler consists of one right and one left side profiling module assembly, each housing two chip heads and mounted to a solid base. Each carriage shifts in/out to properly position the chip heads horizontally for the width of the log; each chip head also shifts up/down via hydraulic cylinders.
The profilers remove the wane found at the corners of the cant. When a tapered log is processed boards can be recovered at an angle. As the log is being transported through the profiling heads, the heads can adjust in/out while at the same time moving up/down. This capability allows greater volume and value to be recovered from each log.

It uses smart anvils for precise positioning against sideboards, which can be cut at any angle, to reduce defects and improve chip containment while still allowing flexible cutting on angled solutions. With a feed speed of 225-675 fpm and a 200 hp motor on each side, it’s the ideal solution for even the most demanding operations.

The lumber guide is nested against the profiler heads to eliminate head and tail end defects and can be adjusted remotely.


On top of this, the new VFM uses rolls with an updated fine knurl pattern proven to provide more holding force than other knurl patterns. These rolls are backed by an 8” bore air cylinder and are mounted on a 20” diameter slewing bearing to offer higher holding forces on missed-face logs to maintain total control.

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