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GCAR Design introduces much improved ARC style log pusher

August 22, 2023  By GCAR Design

GCAR Design, known for its patented VLS (long log singulator) and ALSLS (short wood singulator), has recently introduced a much improved and patent-pending ARC style log pusher.

The ARC pusher is engineered to provide a single acting and balanced design, containing a robust and simple structure, an electric drive, oversized drive components and a complimentary hopper.

The log contacting surfaces are radial to easily withstand impact loads from dense logs. The lifting arms are balanced by utilizing an internal counterbalance, to efficiently lift and discharge the load of log(s) onto the built-in tail end of the take-away log deck.

The ARC design contains a drive and actuating mechanism external to the Bin Walls.


A robust infeed hopper is integral to the design, to ensure the optimal log presentation to the pusher face.

GCAR Design has a team with approximately 50 years of practical mill experience, including critiquing pushers and singulators across North America and Australia.

This experience has taught that outstanding performance, a long & reliable operating life with minimal downtime, low and easy maintenance requirements, the correct control system, plus convenient and minimal internal debris cleaning, are the major requirements for both sawmill and plywood operations.

All ARC Pushers & Hoppers are custom designed for both new & retrofit projects.

For more info: www.gcardesign.com.



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