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FAE upgrades the DML/SSL mulcher for skid steers

Now available with Sonic and Bite Limiter technology and new tooth options.

November 21, 2022  By FAE

Photo: FAE

FAE is upgrading one of its most popular and loved products on a global scale: the DML/SSL forestry mulcher for skid steers. All innovations are aimed at optimizing the head’s efficiency and productivity when combined with 50 to 75 hp skid steers.

First, the frame and push frame’s design has been redesigned to offer greater visibility in all working conditions. It’s one detail that will make a big difference in operator’s comfort and efficiency, with the ability to monitor the tasks at hand with more precision.

The rotors are also seeing big changes. The DML/SSL can now mount a rotor with robust Mini C/3 teeth or with Mini BL blades, both ideal for making the most out of the efficient Bite Limiter technology. This technology makes it possible to achieve more productivity in less time when mulching any kind of wood. The Bite Limiter rotor comes with special wear-resistant steel limiters that limit the teeth’s reach (bite) so that there is less power demand and a consistent working speed. The Bite Limiter technology also minimizes rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

The new DML/SSL is available with FAE’s exclusive Sonic technology. This Sonic system ensures that the skid steer and the FAE mulcher are completely aligned by automatically calibrating the mulcher’s parameters. Sonic continuously manages the mulcher’s hydraulic settings, for a significant boost in overall productivity of up to 30%. The Sonic system also minimizes rotor stalling and shortens recovery time thanks to the quick recovery of the rotor’s rpm.


There is more that the new DML/SSL offers. The new Spike Pro counter blades ensure low power absorption and a finer granulometry of the processed material. The new interchangeable and adjustable skids offer greater precision. The optional integrated oil cooler ensures the best performance even in hotter climates.

The new DML/SSL is available in four models, DML/SSL/VT, DML/SSL/BL, DML/SSL/SONIC, DML/SSL/BL/SONIC and in two widths for each model.

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